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  • Wearing ADEAM

    Kristen Giorgi x ADEAM

    In celebration of Mother's Day, we chatted with artist and style icon Kristin Giorgi about style evolution and artistic inspiration through the lense of motherhood.

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  • 1. Has your recent trip to Japan inspired your style? If so, have you seen this reflected in any of your favorite ADEAM pieces from our 2023 collections?
    Japan was a sartorial dream. I definitely was taking notes the entire time I was there. I think mostly I love that the women are extremely put together. It’s not really about trends. It’s about tailoring and details. I love how the ADEAM brand embodies all of these things. I feel so chic in the pieces.

    2. We know motherhood keeps you busy. What’s your favorite on the go look from our SS23 collection and why?
    I love the Serena dress because of its versatility. It can be worn as a dress with heels or boots or open as a vest with jeans and sneakers for a casual daytime look. It can really take you through your whole day from school drop off to cocktails with a friend. Plus its comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle!

    3. Which ADEAM piece do you look forward to passing down to your daughter?
    The Sparkling ear cuff! It’s a cool and edgy shape but timeless with the addition of the deco design and pearl detail.

  • 4. Has being a mother shaped your artwork? If so, how?
    I started painting again after Vivienne was born so I would say she was the reason I started and kept up with it. The truth is I loved being home with her, but I started to feel like I was losing my identity. Painting was the perfect outlet for me to feel like I was doing something for me but also spend quality time with her. Fast forward to today - I think she motivates me to keep going and push the limits because I want to make her proud and prove to her that you can manifest anything you want in life.

    5. How has your style evolved since the birth of your daughter? Do you find yourself ever taking fashion advice from her?
    My style went through a period of convenience and comfort due to pregnancy and then getting my shape back after. I was a bit confused about my personal style for a time, but I feel like right now I’m in a moment of having fun with my style and clothing choices. I think that comes with age (I just turned 39) and becoming comfortable with knowing what looks good on me and not trying too hard, but most definitely having fun with fashion. Vivienne is ten now and very into clothes. It’s fun for me to watch her take so much delight in expressing herself this way and it inspires me to be playful with my style.