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  • with Olivia Perez

    Versatile Style

    We teamed up with Olivia Perez to talk about style, being a female business owner and her favorite Adeam pieces.

    You can follow her on Instagram @livvperez
    and shop her look here

  • Describe your outfit and why you chose this outfit.
    I love a matching set. It’s so easy to put together but always feels like a maximum impact outfit.
    Especially when there’s a chic print and embellished details, an outfit like this can take you from a
    beachside dinner to a business meeting.

    How would you describe your style?
    I always like to say my style is a representation of what I am that day. I never try to put myself in a
    box. One day I might feel preppy and one day I might lean in to street style a bit more. It’s fun to learn
    more about myself and grow as a person through my different interests in fashion.

  • Who are some of your style inspirations?
    I love Hailey Bieber’s style. She has a really unique fashion sense that blends high and low - so I
    feel like I can always find a way to be inspired by what she’s wearing but also make it my own. Dream

    What makes you feel empowered?
    Running my own business and creating my own destiny

  • What does women’s history month mean to you?
    A time to look back on the incredible women who have paved the way for where we are today, learn
    from them, and share those lessons with the women in my life today.

    What is your dream destination?
    I’m really looking forward to being able to visit Japan one day!