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  • woman in yellow sweater and blue skirt with a plant in the background


    Pre-Fall 2022

  • Model in yellow sweater, blue midi skirt and beige heals, leaning against a white wall

    For the Pre-Fall 2022 collection, designer Hanako Maeda looks back at her fondest memories of a summer spent in Europe. While her undergraduate years, Maeda studied abroad in Paris, and during the weekends, she traveled across Europe, to the South of France and Lake Como. Away from the hustle and bustle of Paris, she was taken by the tranquil beauty of the European countryside.

    When city sounds of street traffic and construction were replaced by blowing wind and chirping birds, Maeda was able to focus on the wild flowers that bloomed by the lake. Red poppies, pastel colored peonies, and lavender, each flower possessed a unique beauty, yet harmoniously coexisted to
    create a breathtaking landscape.

    This collection is inspired by the distinctive beauty of the flowers — the delicate details that add a touch of uniqueness that may go unnoticed by some but bring delight to those who do.

  • Model in floral print midi skirt and red top against a white background
    Model in white sweater, white jacket and white pants with olive branches on the side of image
  • Model in white midi lace dress and beige block heals on a yellow background
    Model in black dress with lace collar and nude heals leaning against a white wall, with a plant infront of her
  • Model in white collard shirt under a sweater like jacket on a white background
    Up-close image of large plant leaves
  • Model leaning against a wall in an olive green and white striped sweater, olive green skirt and brown suede heals
    Model in yellow sweater with bows on the sleeves and in olive green shorts with string details down both hips
  • Model on a yellow background in white collared shirt under a beige knit sweater
    Side view of model on a yellow background in a white dress and a beige sweater with white lace details on the back of it
  • Image of a plant with long dark green leaves
    Model in lilac top with buttons down the sleeves and lilac shorts with lace details by the hips
  • Model leaning against a white wall in a light blue blouse with a blue sweater vest on top, and in a lilac mid length skirt
    Image of a plant with a long tree branch and dark green leaves
  • Model next to a plant with large leaves, in a white top with a white lace scarf around the shoulders, black pants and several rings around her fingers
    Image of dark green fern like plant leaves